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For more information on how your club can help, click this link for Joe Rosenshein, Western NY BFTW Coordinator

The Second Wind Foundation is the financial arm of the Rotary Books for the World Project.  Trucking cost from the donor’s site to the warehouse, from the warehouse to the port, the purchase of the containers and the shipping are all expenses to the project.  

You can help by sending whatever you can to:

The Second Wind Foundation

4601 Hamblen Ct

Seabrook, Texas 77586

Seabrook, Texas

The Second Wind Foundation




Text Books

Where Do You Get Them From

What Kind of Books

Without a library, without a book store.  The vast majority of schools in South Africa have no functional library.  Over 60 % of schools have no library materials.  Of the schools in the Province of the Eastern Cape, 93% do not have a library.

Think of what these books will mean to these children

Imagine Your Life Without Books

Worlds, minds and opportunities will be opened because you gave them the tools to make their life better



School Libraries


Local Book Stores

The goal is to advance literacy on an international scale by redistributing donated books and materials from the United States to regions desperately lacking in educational resources.

Rotary Clubs are working with other community organizations and the Second Wind Foundation to provide gently-used K thru 6th grade picture/story books and K thru 12th grade textbooks to regions of the world most in need


Our Packing Schedule.....

We’d love to have your help

We are planning a Rotary Books for the World Booklegger book sorting and packing work party at the Rochester Central School District Depot on Thursday, June 25 starting at 1:00 PM and possibly going to 4:00 PM?  Located at 835 Hudson Avenue, Bldg.6 (in the back of the campus)

There are 19 pallets of books that are available that need to be sorted and packed and palletized.

Volunteers should contact  Joe Rosenshein via email to confirm their commitment to attend by Wednesday this week. This is the beginning of the busy season for collecting and packing books.  We will be having work parties frequently this Summer. 

Use this link to make a donation, THANK YOU!

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